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A Room Ghosts Avoid Joke

Word Play Jokes

What's A Snake Favorite Subject Kids Joke

Word Play Jokes
Word Play Jokes

Blind Dinosaur Joke

Banana Sunscreen Joke

Kissed By A Vampire Joke

Ghost Call Mom And Dad Joke

Witches Favorite School Subject Joke

What Did The Mom Dinosaur Say To The Baby Dinosaur?

Why Did The Boy Eat Waffles For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner?

Unusual Rabbit Joke

Most Famous Married Women In America

Ghosts Are Terrible Liars Joke

Ghost Favorite Place To Live Joke

Girl With Frog On Her Head Joke

What Do You Get If You Cross An Angry Sheep And A Moody Cow?

What Do You Call A Cat Caught By The Police Joke

Giraffe’s Favorite Fruit Joke

Will Smith In The Snow

Chocolate Syrup Ice Cream Joke

An Avocado In Church Joke

George Washington's Hatchet

Trendy Pig Joke

Dying Computer Joke

How Late Do Cows Stay Up Joke

Halloween Mummy Joke

Ghost Vacation Joke

Noisy Graveyard Joke

Calm Skeleton Joke

Vampire Breath Joke

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The Chameleon That Couldn't Change Color Joke

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Why Does A Lion Kneel Before It Springs?

Why Did The Kitten Smell So Good?

What Did One Llama Say To The Other Llama?

A Pool Filled With Tacos Joke

Golfers Take An Extra Pair Of Socks Joke

Where Does A Turtle Go When It’s Raining?

Flag And Flagpole Joke

Mermaid Jobs Joke

Pirate Playing Cards

Skeleton Halloween Joke

Monster Cooked Eggs Joke

Skeleton Travel Joke

Inside A Ghosts Nose Joke

Smal Valentine Joke

Where Do Polar Bears Vote Joke

How Do You Get A Squirrel To Love You Joke

Why Couldn't The Pony Sing?

What Did The Horse Say When It Fell Joke

Monkey Say To Banana Joke