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Word Play Jokes

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What Soft Drink Do Pigs Like Best?

Word Play Jokes

What Do You Do When Your Nose Goes On Strike

Word Play Jokes

Bono And Edge Walk Into A Bar Joke

Bully Got Toasted

Word Play Jokes

Why Are Sandals So Indecisive Joke

Pig Halloween Costume Joke

What’s Brown And Sticky

Once A Shark, Always A Shark Joke


What Part Of A Museum Has The Most Allergies?

Telling Dad Jokes

Sam And Ellas Diner Joke

What's She Selling On The Beach Joke

Leprechaun's Garden Joke

Optometrist Music Joke

In Which River Are You Sure To Find Snakes?

Japanese Dog Hello Joke

What Kind Of Cars Do Cats Drive Joke

Cow Friday Nights Joke

Popular Dance In 1776 Joke

Taco Tuesday Joke

Whisper In Clas Joke

What Kind Of Key Opens A Haunted House?

Why Did The Author Put On A Sweater?

Steal A Coat Joke

Trick Or Treating With Twin Witches Joke

Sheep Vacation Destination Joke

What Do You Get If You Are Allergic To Noodles?

Why Did The Dragon Sleep All Day?

It's Illegal To Laugh Loudly In Hawaii Joke

Building With The Most Stories Joke

Santa’s Favorite Singer Joke

Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Joke

Dracula's Favorite Breed Of Dog Joke

Monsters Favorite Play Joke

Zoo With No Dogs Joke

What's A Snake Favorite Subject Kids Joke

What Does It Take To Be An Organ Donor?