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This page is meant to help you find the funniest Fart Jokes.  It includes Fart Jokes for kids, teens and adults. With fart jokes, you often get crude and immature renditions.  Save yourself time by reading the best collection of jokes.

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Little Girls Farts

Fart Jokes
Fart Jokes

Startled By A Loud Fart

Fart Jokes

Why Does A Fart Smell?..

Women Fart

Women Don't Fart

The Maxi Pad And The Fart

What Are Farts?

The Art Of A Fart

Babies Are Like Farts.

Senators Are Like Farts...

Skeleton Burp

Astronomy Fart

Teenagers Are Like Farts


What Is Born Skinless, Flies Wingless And Sings Until It Dies

Fart Pick Up Line

What Do You Call Poop That Comes Out With A Fart Joke

Clown Fart Smell

Sharpest Thing In The World

Your Voice Reminds Me Of A Fart Joke

Another Name For A Burp

The Only Art Coming Out Of You Joke