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What Do You Call A Holy Man Who Fries Potatoes

Why Do Santa's Helpers Get Depressed

What Do They Sing To Christmas Trees At The Retirement Parties

What Do You Call A Broke Santa Claus

A Funny Banana Joke

Why Was The Belt Arrested

What Do You Do When Your Nose Goes On Strike

Why Did The Blonde Jump Off The Bridge

There Is Only One Thing I Can't Deal With Joke

Scarecrow Joke (In Prep For Fall)

Ssilly915 Joke

Shhhh No One Should Know

Princess Leia Shopping Joke

Star Wars Restauant Workers Joke

Potato Turned To The Dark Side Joke

Sith Who Won't Fight Joke

Mexican Jedi Joke

Jedi Cross The Road Joke

What Do You Call A Book Club That’s Been Stuck On The Same Book For Years?

Dentist X-Rays Joke

What’s Brown And Sticky

What Do You Call A Rat Crossing The Road?

This One Makes You Think...

Why Do Rats Suck At Taking Pictures?

Why Was Dracula Afraid Of Cows Joke

What Do You Call Dracula When Hes Shopping For Bargains Joke

Where Does Dracula Get His Hair Cut Joke

Whats Draculas Favorite Streaming Service Joke

What Is Draculas Favorite Fruit Joke

What Did Dracula Suffer From After Biting A Snowman Joke

Bully Got Toasted

It Makes Sence Tho...

One Sad Coffee Coming Right Up!

Bono And Edge Walk Into A Bar Joke

Why Are Sandals So Indecisive Joke

Vegetable Call A Plumber Joke

How Do You Get A Farm Girls Attention Joke

What Do You Call Dogs That Rarely Bark Joke

Did You Hear About The Kidnapping At The School Joke

What Part Of A Museum Has The Most Allergies?

What Does It Take To Be An Organ Donor?

Someone Called My Phone Today, Sneezed, And Then Hung Up Joke

Lousiana Law


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