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What Do You Do When Your Nose Goes On Strike

Kid Jokes

What Did The Dog Say To The Tree Joke

Sheep Covered In Chocolate Joke

Kid Jokes

Telling Dad Jokes

Kid Jokes

In Which River Are You Sure To Find Snakes?

What Kind Of Cars Do Cats Drive Joke

Cow Friday Nights Joke

Cold Book Joke

Trick Or Treating With Twin Witches Joke

What Do You Get If You Are Allergic To Noodles?

What Does It Take To Be An Organ Donor?

Building With The Most Stories Joke

Worm In An Apple Joke

Dracula's Favorite Breed Of Dog Joke

Monsters Favorite Play Joke

Blind Dinosaur Joke

Banana Sunscreen Joke

Ghost Call Mom And Dad Joke

Witch Trick Or Treating Joke

Witches Favorite School Subject Joke

A Room Ghosts Avoid Joke

What Did The Mom Dinosaur Say To The Baby Dinosaur?

Why Did The Boy Eat Waffles For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner?

More Lives Than A Cat Joke

Kissed By A Vampire Joke

Ghosts Are Terrible Liars Joke

What Do You Get If You Cross An Angry Sheep And A Moody Cow?

Sink Say To Toilet Joke

Halloween Ghost Favorite Food Joke

Halloween Mummy Joke

Ghost Vacation Joke

Noisy Graveyard Joke

Calm Skeleton Joke

Vampire Breath Joke

National Holiday For A Nation Of Vampires Jokes

Ghost Vacation Destination Joke

What Do You Call A Cat Caught By The Police Joke

What Did One Llama Say To The Other Llama?

Where Does A Turtle Go When It’s Raining?

Mermaid Jobs Joke

Pirate Playing Cards

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Joke

Skeleton Halloween Joke

Monster Cooked Eggs Joke

Skeleton Travel Joke

Inside A Ghosts Nose Joke

Why Did The Kitten Smell So Good?

Dogs Like Cell Phone Joke

Broken Tomato Joke

Livestock Favorite Math Tool

Ghost's Favorite Dessert Halloween Joke

Ghost Wife Halloween Joke

Mummy Halloween Joke

Monster School Menu Joke

Demon Breakfast Joke

Jack-o-lantern And A Pumpkin Joke

What Did Batman Do In The Bathroom Joke

Octopus Laugh Joke

Alien In Garden Joke

Stand In The Corner If You Get Cold Joke

How Many Feet In A Yard

Halloween Skeleton Joke

What Did The Turkey Say To The Computer Joke

Why Did Humpty Dumpty Have A Great Fall?