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Our list of Ridiculously Funny fart videos. This page is intended to entertain. Sit back and watch these flatulent videos of people and animals alike letting one rip. Smell you later. Check back often as we are keeping the smell fresh!

#1 Horse Farts During Interview

Watch what happens when this horse farts right in to face of the man being interviewed!

#2 Lighting Farts on Fire

This really works! You can light your farts on fire but be careful!

#3 Skipping Rocks on Ice Fart

Skipping rocks on ice makes the coolest sound!

#4 Girl Farts in Car

Classic commercial. This girl is on a blind date. She gets in the car first, and lets one rip, unaware of a couple sitting in the back seat.

#5 Girls lets on rip while doing a yoga pose. #Yogafart

This is a home video of a couple doing yoga. During an attempt at a Flying Plank pose, the girl rips a stinker. Watch as she tries to fan her face.

#6 Farting in Class

This kid farts in class and he and his classmates can't stop laughing while the teacher gets more agitated and threatens to send them to the office. Classic!

#7 Farts in the tub

Cartoon fart. Meg from Family Guy farts in the bath tub.

#8 Twerk Fart

This girl, wearing white leggings, videos herself twerking. When she gets her twerk really going, she lets out a fart that turned out to be a little wet. Slightly more than a skidmark... it's a wet fart!

#9 Dog with Fart Toy

This dog gets a fart toy and when the toy simulates a fart the dog thinks that it farted and sniffs the area where it was sitting.

#10 Family Guy Fart Song

Peter, from Family Guy, has a fart song competition with a guy in the stall next to him.