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Get your laugh on with this list of funny animal jokes.  Our animal jokes are family and kid-friendly. Have an animal joke you would like to share?  It's easy, sign up and submit your favorite animal jokes. 

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What Soft Drink Do Pigs Like Best?

Why does the bass fart a half-tone flatter than every other fish? He's got a **b** in front of his ass Joke Meme.

Dancing Dog Joke

 Joke Meme.

What Did The Dog Say To The Tree Joke

 Joke Meme.

Sheep Covered In Chocolate Joke

Pig Halloween Costume Joke

Pig With Invisible Legs Joke

Once A Shark, Always A Shark Joke


This One Makes You Think...

Why Did The Turtle.....

In Which River Are You Sure To Find Snakes?

What Kind Of Cars Do Cats Drive Joke

Japanese Dog Hello Joke

Cow Friday Nights Joke

Why Did The Cow Cross The Road Joke

Cross A Pig And An Canary Joke

Pig With Ink On His Face Joke

Dracula's Favorite Breed Of Dog Joke

Pig Write A Letter Joke

Pig Hired At A Restaurant Joke

Worm In An Apple Joke

Sheep Vacation Destination Joke

Zoo With No Dogs Joke

Don't Rob A Bank With A Pig

What's A Snake Favorite Subject Kids Joke

What Did The Mom Dinosaur Say To The Baby Dinosaur?

What Do You Call Dogs That Rarely Bark Joke

Why Do Rats Suck At Taking Pictures?

Shhhh No One Should Know

Unusual Rabbit Joke

More Lives Than A Cat Joke

Girl With Frog On Her Head Joke

What Do You Get If You Cross An Angry Sheep And A Moody Cow?

What Do You Call A Cat Caught By The Police Joke

Giraffe’s Favorite Fruit Joke

Pig Sunbathing Joke

Trendy Pig Joke

Tiger Christians Joke

How Late Do Cows Stay Up Joke

Vampire Breath Joke

The Chameleon That Couldn't Change Color Joke

Why Did The Dear Need Braces Joke

Why Does A Lion Kneel Before It Springs?

Why Did The Kitten Smell So Good?

What Did One Llama Say To The Other Llama?

Where Does A Turtle Go When It’s Raining?