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What Do You Do When Your Nose Goes On Strike

Why Did The Blonde Jump Off The Bridge

Because she thought her Maxi Pad had wings!


There Is Only One Thing I Can't Deal With Joke

A deck of cards that is glued together!


Aerobic Instructors Joke

Five. Four to do it in perfect synchrony and one to stand there going "To the left, and to the left, and to the left, and to the left, and take it out, and put it down, and pick it up, and put it in, and to the right, and to the right, and to the right, and to the right..."


Wow, Just Wow

Super Bowl Yo Momma Joke

Broom Joke

Scarecrow Joke (In Prep For Fall)

Because he was outstanding in his field!


Windy Camping


Ssilly915 Joke

Shhhh No One Should Know

Ewoks Communicate Joke

Princess Leia Shopping Joke


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