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How To Catch Fog

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Best Jokes

Personal Liberties


You're So Stupid You...

Yo Momma's Breath Smells So Bad!

Yo Momma Is So Fat She Has...

Pencil Pun

You Momma So Fat She Fell...

Yo Momma.. So Stupid

As Stupid As You Look Joke

Yo Momma So Fat Her Blood Type Is...

Why Did The Turkey Cross The Road?

Computer Hero Joke

You Momma So Dumb... Spelling Joke

Never Trust Atoms

What Do The US Military And A Fart Have In Common Joke

Yo Momma Is So Fat When She Farts Joke

Yo Momma Is So Dumb...

What Did The Kitten Say When Its Cat Food Was Stolen Joke

Yo Mamma So Stupid She Took A Ruler To Bed...

Cow With No Legs Joke

Degree In Flatulence

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