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Swallowing Ammunition Joke

I keep swallowing live ammunition. I thought, this time I'm going to go to the hospital, but as usual, I just farted a round at home.

German Sausage Joke

I love eating German sausage, but it always gives me the wurst farts.

Apple Store Fart

I once farted in the Apple Store and everybody got pissed. It's not my fault they don't have Windows

Beer and Beans.

I want to open a bar that serves nothing but expensive beer and baked beans. I'll call it Farts & Crafts.

Startled by a Loud Fart

I was startled by a loud fart. I was fartled.


I'm a fartartist. The fart is silent

Clown Fart Smell

If a clown farts does it smell funny?

Pharaohs Farts

If two pharaohs farted at the same time. They would have a toot in common

Public Fart Cover Up

If you ever fart in public, just yell, "Turbo power!" and walk faster.

Home Alone Fart

If you're home alone and hear a fart, do you laugh or get scared?