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Clowns Farts

What is a clowns fart made of? Laughing gas.

Long Fart Joke

Did I ever tell you about the time I had a fart that lasted for an entire minute? It's a long-winded story.

Text a Fart Joke

Did you hear about the new text-a-fart service? It's just one cent per scent sent!

Unconstitutional Farts

Did you hear about the unconstitutional ban on farts? It's disgusting.

Fart or Pun

Do you know the difference between a fart and a pun? A pun is a shift of wit.

Single Women Fart

Do you know why single women cant fart? Because they dont get a$&holes until they are married.

Elevator Fart

I once farted in an elevator. It was wrong on so many levels.

Emotions and Farts

Emotions are like farts. You can only hold them in for so long.

Fart after Pee

Why do women fart after they pee? They can't shake it, so they blow dry it instead!

Fart Chemistry

Why couldn't the chemist laugh at the queens fart? Because noble gases are nonreactive.