Two Blondes Went Out Into The Woods On A Hunting Trip. They...

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Two Blondes Go Hunting

Joke: Two blondes went out into the woods on a hunting trip. They are out there for several hours, and discover that they are lost! One says, "I heard that if you're lost in the woods, you fire three shots in the air, and wait for someone to come and rescue you." "Ok," says her pal, "let's do it." So they did, and waited to be rescued, but no-one came to their aid, so after an hour, they fired three more shots in the air, and waited again. It's nearly dark by now, and one says to the other, "I hope someone comes soon, we're down to our last three arrows."
Two Blondes Go Hunting Joke Meme.
Two Blondes Go Hunting Meme.