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Mexican Translator..

Author: dennis
Joke: A Mexican Bandido crossed the border into the US, robbed a bank in a small town, and then slipped across the border back into Mexico. The sheriff of the small town went after him across the border. He trailed him tenaciously for several days and then cornered him in the cantina in a small town, not far from the border. After a brief struggle, the sheriff overpowered the robber, put his gun to the robber's head, and said: "Tell me where you hid the bank's money, or I'll blow your head off!" - But the Bandido did not understand English. But a Mexican guy in the cantina - who understood English, volunteered to be a translator. So he translated to robber what the sheriff said. "O.k., o.k., 1," Said Bandido in Spanish - "I hid the money in the hollow tree, by the road, outside the town!". "What did he say?" asked the sheriff. "He said; "Go ahead!, - You wouldn't dare kill me here in Mexico!" - Answered the translator.
Mexican translator.. Joke Meme.
Mexican translator.. Meme.