So This Guy Gets A New Job Waiting Tables And His First Day...

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Half A Potato Joke

Author: The Joker
Joke: So this guy gets a new job waiting tables and his first day he gets a difficult customer. The guy orders a half a baked potato and won't take no for an answer. The new waiter is walking into the kitchen and sees his manager says "This guy is being a real ass about only wanting a half a potato". The manager looks behind the waiter and seeing the customer standing right behind the waiter replies "you mean the customer behind you". The waiter quickly says "why no as it turns out this fine gentleman has kindly offered to purchase the other half". So after the customer leaves the boss tells the new waiter he likes the way he thinks on his feet and that there is a new assistant manager position open but it is in Canada. The new waiter says "Canada really, I like the job offer but Canada only has whores and hockey players" The boss answers "Hey my mother is from Canada!" The guy thinking quickly once again asks "really, what position did she play?"
Half A Potato Joke Joke Meme.
Half A Potato Joke Meme.