Mike Is Mowing His Lawn When 2 Hearses Come Down His Street...

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A Man And His Dog

Joke: Mike is mowing his lawn when 2 hearses come down his street going very very slowly. The hearses are followed by a man walking a dog. And behind the man and the dog is a line of men walking single-file. There must have been 5 or 6 dozen men following. Curious about the procession Mike runs to catch up with Mark and his dog. Mike asks Mark who's in the first hearse. Mark replies, "My wife. My dog bit her. And she died in the hospital a short time later." Mike says, "I'm so very sorry for your loss. Mind if I ask who's in the second hearse?" Mark says, "Not at all, it's my mother in law. My dog also bit her and she died later in the hospital." Mike replies, "Can I borrow your dog?" Mark, "Get in line."
A man and his dog Joke Meme.
A man and his dog Meme.