Mike And His Pal Tim Were On A Short Visit To Mike's...

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Granny & Peanuts..

Author: dennis
Joke: Mike and his pal Tim were on a short visit to Mike's grandma. While Mike was in the kitchen chatting with her, Tim was in the living room - watching TV. Then he noticed a plate of peanuts on the coffee table.  He took it and started snacking on peanuts.  After a few minutes, Mike finished his chat with grandma and the boys started to leave. At the door, Tim shouted to her, but she still is in the kitchen, "Ma'am!, I ate some of the peanuts you had on the table. Thank you!". "Ooh!", granma replied joyfully. "I'm glad someone ate them. Because, since I lost all my teeth, I could not eat them anymore..All I could do is suck all the chocolate off of them!"
Granny & Peanuts.. Joke Meme.
Granny & Peanuts.. Meme.