A Farmer Had Three Very Beautiful Daughters. One Friday They...

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The Farmers Dughters

Joke: A farmer had three very beautiful daughters. One Friday they all had dates, as they do every Rriday. Well the very protective farmer was sitting in the living room watching television that friday when the doorbell rang. He opened the door to see a man which was clearly one of the girls dates. Well the man says "My name's Sam and I'm here for Pam and we're going to go jam". So the father okays everything and calls his daughter down. the couple leaves. Ten minutes later the doorbell rings and there is another man. He says "My name's Freddy and I'm here for betty and we're going to go eat some spaghetti". Once again the farmer okays everything and they go along on their merry way. Ten minutes later the door belll rings again and the farmer opens the door. The Farmer says you must be here for Cindy. The man at the door says "Yes actually, my name's Chuck and were going to go-" The farmer shot him.
The Farmers Dughters Joke Meme.
The Farmers Dughters Meme.