A Guy Goes Into A Pharmacy

Joke: A guy goes into a pharmacy, walks up to the pharmacist and asks him for some condoms. The pharmacist says: "well they come in packs of 3, 9, and 12". The guy says: "well im going to have dinner at her place tonight and after that were going out and i think im gonna get lucky and once she had me she won't be able to get enough, so better make it twelve". Meanwhile he goes home and gets ready, heads over to her house to have dinner and meet her parents. They sit down ready for dinner and they ask him to say grace. He says it and goes on and on and on... The girl leans over and says: "you didn't tell me you were such a religious person", and he leans back and says: "you didn't tell me your dad was a pharmacist".
A guy goes into a pharmacy Joke Meme.
A guy goes into a pharmacy Meme.